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Ask Ang 11/4: STI Testing


How can one go about getting tested for STIs at Georgetown? Specifically, is there a way to get free STI testing? From what I've tried to look up online, it doesn't seem like the school makes getting any sort of testing especially easy. What are the different ways to go about getting this service?

Georgetown Student Health Center does offer STI testing, but if your insurance doesn’t cover it, testing can be expensive. If you’ve got school health insurance, you just have to cover a $10 copay. If you don’t have Georgetown insurance, you’ll have to call your insurance provider to figure out how much it’ll cost you. According to Health Services FAQs, the baseline cost for STI screening without insurance is around $150, and costs can reach over $300 for comprehensive results.

But not to fear! Health Services does host free STI screening events. Unfortunately, these are not regularly scheduled, but they’re advertised on campus. H*yas for Choice also sends out reminders for these events.

If you’re hoping to get tested sooner, Planned Parenthood (1110 Vermont Ave N.W.) is an off-campus option. According to their website, many Planned Parenthood locations offer “free or low-cost STD tests, depending on your income.”

Whitman-Walker Health (1525 14th St N.W.) provides free walk-in HIV and STI testing services. Because their services are targeted towards men, however, they do not provide pap smears or pelvic exams.

Another resource is the HIV, STI, and pregnancy testing program at the Latin American Youth Center in Columbia Heights. They offer free, confidential, walk-in testing from 3-6 pm Monday through Thursday evenings, no insurance needed, and are happy to serve any Georgetown students in need of testing. The address is 1419 Columbia Road NW (close to the metro stop and the Target in Columbia Heights).


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