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On-Campus Health

Health Education Services from the Student Health Center:

  • Confidential and free services for victims of sexual assault and relationship violence.

  • Assistance in accessing medical care.

  • Student and/or criminal judicial systems.

  • Safety planning.

  • Academic assistance.

  • Support groups.

  • Housing relocation.

  • Free pregnancy tests and services at Poulton Hall 101 (on 37th St).

  • STI treatment and screening. (See FAQ*s)

  • Wellness visits regarding sexual and reproductive health.

  • Does not provide contraception, but will prescribe for reasons they deem "medical" in nature. (See FAQ*s)

Carol Day (202) 687-8942 - Director of Health Education Services. Poulton Hall 101,

Jen Schweer (202) 687-0323 - Associate Director of Health Education Services, Sexual Assault Specialist. Poulton Hall 101,

Jennifer Wiggins (202) 687-8932

Staff Clinician and Sexual Assault Specialist. Poulton Hall 101,

Confidential Pregnancy or Sexual Health Services Cell Phone (202) 870-1666 - Call or text 10 AM - 10 PM

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