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Abortion Resources

These DC-area clinics offer both medical and surgical abortion advice*:

Carafem Health Center & Abortion Clinic

Carafem Health Center & Abortion Clinic

5530 Wisconsin Ave

Chevy Chase, Maryland 20815

(877) 290-2017 

Potomac Family Planning

Potomac Family Planning

3230 Pennsylvania Ave, SE #200

(202) 583-2517

Dr. Nathan Borrow at Washington Hospital Center

106 Irving St, NW #3700
(202) 347-8500

Washington Surgi-Clinic

Washington Surgi-Clinic

2112 F St, NW

(202) 347-8512

Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, DC (Carol Whitehill Moses Center)

DC Abortion Fund (DCAF)

Abortion care can cost anywhere between $295-$1,000. Costs may vary depending on the clinic and increase with every week since your last menstrual period. 

If you need help funding an abortion, you may request support from the DC Abortion Fund (DCAF), an all-volunteer nonprofit that makes grants to people seeking an abortion in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. To request funding, you can call their free, confidential helpline at (202) 452-7464.

*DC Abortion Fund does not provide abortion services - only financial assistance.

A Note on Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs)

If you've ever seen an ad with a message such as, "Pregnant and Scared? Free tests," or "Unexpected Pregnancy?" you may have seen an advertisement for a Crisis Pregnancy Center. These are not medical professionals, and they will not give you accurate information about your pregnancy or make your choice any easier. Crisis Pregnancy Centers are fake clinics run by anti-choice employees who will give you information designed to keep you from having an abortion at all costs. They could lie to you about the medical and emotional effects of abortion, show you misleading videos designed to frighten you out of an abortion, or even tell you you are not pregnant when you truly are to trick you into continuing with your pregnancy until abortion becomes more risky. All true family-planning clinics will provide you with unbiased information about all  of your options, so if it seems like you are getting one-sided information, you probably are! To avoid this situation, don't schedule an appointment unless you are sure it is with a legitimate medical professional.

The following is a list of known Crisis Pregnancy Centers in DC:

Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center (713 Maryland Ave, NE)

Northwest Pregnancy Center (2702 Ontario Rd, NW)

Southeast Crisis Pregnancy Center (220 Highview Pl, NE)

Center for Life (1150 Varnum St, NE)

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