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Ask Ang (11/22): Dating During the Pandemic?

How should I navigate dating during the pandemic?

Oh man, we can relate to this question! First, we want to acknowledge that all of this sucks. LOTS of people are feeling extremely isolated and lonely, so you’re not alone in that. In terms of dating during a pandemic, make sure you’re being thoughtful and considering all the risks that you’re taking on. Obviously there are risks to meeting up with people, but there are other ways to form connections- you could try phone or video calls as a way to get closer without actually risking an in-person interaction. This can also be a good way to meet someone and figure out if you want to pursue anything further, without taking the risk right off the bat.

If you do decide to meet up with someone out in ~the real world~, communication and honesty (as always) are extremely important. Make sure that you and your partner are both being honest about your own safety precautions and social interactions. Trust is always paramount in a relationship, but that’s especially true right now. We’ve also linked a report from NYC about how to practice safe sex during COVID.

Last but not least, remember that you are your own safest sex partner! Masturbation is normal and fun, and it might be helpful if you decide you aren’t comfortable dating right now. Also remember that COVID isn’t the only disease you can catch while hooking up- if you do decide to engage in sexual activity, make sure to use protection and get tested. Be safe and good luck out there!


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