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WGST Blog Series #4: Love From a WGST Alum!


Alum here!

As a recent 2019 grad and WGST major, I can confidently say WGST not only enabled me to cherish my education and gain an incredible community, but is also uniquely responsible for getting me through Georgetown. WGST made Georgetown bearable, and meanwhile, gave me purpose. I truly believe that WGST changed my life. If WGST had not challenged and inspired me the way it did, I would not be where I am now — in law school! WGST taught me that we can go to protests, sit ins, and teach ins, but that our activism lies in our friendship and scholarship too. If I didn’t major in and fall in love with this program, I would not be in law school pursuing a legal career that hopefully radically advances poor, queer, disabled and POC rights.

Sending you all at HFC so much love and power for the rest of this year! I miss being around amazing campus activists like you all and of course hoping for a FULL DEPARTMENT.


Hanna Chan COL ‘19

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