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WGST Blog Series #1: Get With the Program!

The offerings in the Women’s and Gender Studies program are a valuable and irreplaceable element of Georgetown’s curriculum. One especially popular class, Intro to Women’s and Gender Studies, is a great example of the importance of the program. I interviewed Gina Kang, who is taking the class with Jaime Madden this semester. So far, Gina has enjoyed the way Professor Madden challenges the class to think about their preconceptions about the feminist movement and to view everything through a lens of intersectionality. The class has discussed theories of intersectionality as they apply to feminism and the way society and institutions construct the concept of gender. Gina has also noticed connections to her Theorizing Culture and Politics course from the lecture on gender and sexuality, enhancing her understanding in both areas. The class is discussion-based, and discourse is always thoughtful and respectful. As an introduction to feminist and gender theory, I think it’s a great option for anyone wanting to expand their knowledge base and ways of thinking.

H*yas for Choice is so thankful for our wonderful Women’s and Gender Studies program. It’s important for students to think critically about the structures and policies that affect us every day, and we’re grateful to Georgetown for offering such amazing classes to give us an outlet for this reflection. Unfortunately, since WGST is a program instead of a department, there aren’t as many classes as there could be. Many students who try to enroll are unable to due to limited space and availability. Every student who wants to learn about issues around gender and feminism should be able to. H*yas for Choice would love to see an expansion in the program so that it might satisfy the needs of the student body. Still, we encourage any interested person to try to find a spot in a WGST class; this program offers irreplaceable knowledge and a chance to think critically about our preconceived worldviews.

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