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Ask Ang 12/2: How to Last Longer during Sex (for Cis Men)

I'm a cis male. Tips on lasting longer?

Here’s a couple different techniques you can use to delay orgasm - experiment with these and see which works best for you!

1) Masturbate before you have sex.

If you ejaculate about an hour or two before sex, it will take longer for your body to orgasm again, meaning you’ll last longer in bed.

2) Distract yourself.

Thinking about mundane topics (think: your multiplication tables or khaki pants) can help you last longer.

3) Use a thicker condom.

Thick condoms (like these from Durex) can decrease sensation in the penis, delaying orgasm.

4) Switch up positions.

Try positions where your partner is on top, and go slow to minimize simulation of the penis.

5) Try a cock ring.

Along retaining blood inside the penis to help keep an erection for longer, penis rings can help delay ejaculation. Check out more information about them here.

6) Take time for your partner.

Taking breaks to stimulate your partner not only makes their experience more pleasurable, but gives you time to rest. Remember: communication during sex is key! Asking your partner what they want is good practice in any situation.

We hope this week’s edition of Ask Ang was helpful! If you have a question, please submit it to!

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