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Ask Ang March 26th: Having Protected Sex

Welcome to Ask Ang, your anonymous campus sexual health resource, brought to you by H*yas for Choice. We are made up of a team of undergraduate students who work to answer your sex questions! We post questions and answers weekly on Sundays.

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Assuming you are using protection, what are you supposed to do after a man ejaculates inside your vagina?

Assuming you are using a condom, to properly take off the condom after ejaculating, you should make sure to hold onto the rim of the condom before the penis gets soft. Then you should pull out from your partner and slip the condom off your penis, making sure you don’t spill any semen. Wrap the condom in a tissue and throw it away.

If you are just using birth control and no condom, then semen will trickle out of the vagina. Remember, the vagina is a self cleaning! You can have a towel nearby to wipe up afterward and wear a panty liner on your underwear to absorb the semen that comes out later. Peeing afterward also works to somewhat flush out whatever is still inside and it prevents UTIs immediately after sex.

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