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Calls to Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) are fake clinics that appear to provide services, resources, and information on reproductive health, but in reality exist to discourage pregnant people from choosing abortion through deception, emotional manipulation, and outright lies. Over the past two weeks, members of the H*yas for Choice advocacy team called crisis pregnancy centers in our community to ask for resources and information on abortion services. These are the full transcripts of the calls.

Northwest Pregnancy Center: Unprotected sex

The Northwest Center: Good afternoon, Northwest Center

H*yas for Choice: Hi, I’m calling to learn about some of your resources. I had unprotected sex last night and wanted to know what some of my options are that you guys could provide.

NW: Yeah, definitely. So, here at our pregnancy center we offer urine based pregnancy tests. So if you’re interested in coming in and receiving a pregnancy test, they’re 99% effective 7-10 days after conception. So if it’s last night that you’re concerned about, you might have to wait a few days but I think that’s pretty standard. In terms of pregnancy tests, we also do provide some other resources in terms of like learning things. So we provide a little bit information about different abortion procedures and things like that. If you’re considering parenting if you are in fact pregnant, then we offer some materials for that. So we have diapers and other resources along those lines as well. Does that answer your question a little bit?

HFC: So well I just have a follow-up question if that’s okay?

NW: Please, please.