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Ask Ang October 15: Queefing, Squirting, Vibrators, and More!

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1. Cis female here. How do I limit "queefing" during sex?

“Queefing,” or the passage of air through the vaginal canal, can happen during penetrative sex because air get pushed into the vagina (by fingers, a penis, or a toy), and the vagina expels the air afterwards. Unfortunately, there isn’t a ton you can do to prevent it. You can choose sex positions that don’t involve being bent over or upside down (i.e. not doggy-style), or you can ask your partner to use slower, less forceful thrusts where they don’t pull out too far, but it’s nothing to be ashamed of! If you like that kind of sex, don’t miss out because of embarrassment. Know that a queef during sex is not a fart, so there is no odor, and it’s really just a natural thing that your vagina does - as Planned Parenthood points out, sex involves bodies and bodies do weird things sometimes. Most people are aware that it is natural and not a bad sign, so you can often just ignore it and carry on. If you’d rather acknowledge the queef, laugh it off or just say something simple, like “excuse me” or “carry on!”

For more suggestions on how to deal with awkward moments during sex, check out this Bustle interview with a sex psychotherapist.

2. I know you're supposed to take the birth control pill at the same time everyday, but somedays I'm a few hours late (3-5 hours) because I forget. Is this a problem and will it affect the effectiveness of the pill?

The birth control pill is 99% effective when used perfectly, however when accounting for reality it is about 91% effective. For optimal effectiveness it is very important to take the pill at the same time and avoid