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Ask Ang October 9: Anal, oral, birth control, and more!

Welcome to Ask Ang, your anonymous campus sexual health resource, brought to you by H*yas for Choice. We are made up of a team of undergraduate students who work to answer your sex questions! We post questions and answers weekly on Sundays (or, occasionally, like today, on Mondays). Anyone can submit a question, and the anonymous form can be found here:

1. What happened with the birth control mandate?

On Friday, the Trump administration announced the rollback of the contraceptive mandate under the Affordable Care Act, putting at risk access to care for over 62 million women who were able to get contraceptive care under the mandate. Back in the beginning of the summer when a draft of this regulatory change leaked, HFC created a guide on how this change might impact students at religious universities, so you can look at that for more information. We are in the process of preparing a comprehensive guide of what this rollback means including the history of the contraceptive mandate and Georgetown’s relationship with contraceptives, which we plan to have out later this week.

Know that H*yas for Choice is staying on top of these changes and working with multiple partners to protect the access to contraceptive care for the over 6,600 students on the student health insurance. If you are one of those students, please fill out this survey to let us know how the change might impact you.

2. When is the Condom Fairy Starting again?

We are in the process of getting the Condom Fairy back up and running, and deliveries should begin in the next couple of weeks. We will be sure to broadly advertise the return of the program, so be on the lookout for that!

3.It’s sometimes painful after my partner ejaculates in me (during vaginal intercourse). Why?

The only way to know for sure w