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Statement: "Life Week" flag demonstration

Have you seen the flags around campus today marking the "deaths of babies" from abortion?

Remember that lack of access to safe and legal abortion kills. In 2012, Savita Halappanavar, a young dentist in Ireland, went to the hospital reporting back pain. She was 17-weeks pregnant and learned that the fetus was approaching miscarriage and there no was chance of a child surviving. She requested an abortion, which she was denied because of the remaining presence of a fetal heartbeat, and was told "this is a Catholic country" as justification for denying the medical procedure. As the fetus turned septic inside of her, she delivered a stillborn child. She never recovered from the forced carrying of a septic fetus, and died of septicemia six days after entering the hospital.

You can read more about Savita's story here.

When you see memorials to the "victims of abortion" remember people like Savita who lost their lives because of anti-choice policies designed to control their reproduction.

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