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Ask Ang (10/18): I've Never Kissed Anyone, Any Advice on Talking About Inexperience?

"I'm a freshman, and I've never kissed anyone before. I want to start dating/exploring my sexuality, but I don't know how to share this piece of information with someone. It feels important that they know, but I don't know what to say without scaring them away. Do you have any advice about how to share my sexual inexperience?" Okay, first off: it is absolutely not unusual to have never kissed anyone as a freshman in college. It’s easy to think everyone around you is having sex, but statistics show young people aren’t having nearly as much sex as the media would have you believe. Especially in a pandemic! While so much shame can come from never having experience (or having experience), please

Ask Ang (10/4): How Can I Get Plan B?

There are many ways to access Plan B (the emergency contraceptive pill) depending on your circumstances. If you are on or near campus, H*yas for Choice is continuing to table this semester and is offering Plan B free-of-charge. Tabling in Burleith occurs every Thursday from 6:30-8 and Saturdays from 11-2 at 3714 R St. Tabling in West Georgetown occurs every Monday from 1-3 and Saturdays from 12-2 at 1414 35th St. If you need emergency contraception on a different day or time, email to schedule a pickup time. If you are not on or near campus this semester, you can buy Plan B over-the-counter in person or online. When buying in-person, emergency contraception can be fou


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