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Cura Personalis, Period. #1: Kicking it off with our Menstrual Equity Campaign Leaders

Everybody bleeds. Half of us bleed monthly. We can’t control it (though we all wish we could), and I’ve yet to meet anyone who enjoys it. But, menstruating on Georgetown’s campus is particularly miserable due to the lack of readily available menstrual products. There are well over sixty buildings on Georgetown’s campus, yet only fifteen buildings have menstrual products available in select bathrooms. There are no indications which bathrooms have products, and even those that “supposedly” have them are often out of products. Not a single dorm on campus has tampon or pad dispensers and some bathrooms on campus do not even provide garbage cans in the stalls to dispose of used tampons or pads. I

WGST Blog Series #5: Academia & Activism- Creating a Better Georgetown

Content warning: sexual assault 31.6% of undergraduate women, since entering college at Georgetown, have “experienced penetration or sexual touching involving physical force and/or inability to consent or stop what was happening. Meanwhile, Bystander Training remains as the predominant form of sexual assault prevention, Georgetown JUST (as in, February 18) hired a Title IX investigator, and many, many individuals on this campus feel unsafe, unwelcome, and isolated. The University does not acknowledge us, and has not fully responded to the demands of student activists. There is a sexual assault crisis on this campus, and nothing truly seems to be changing. The one source of hope, the one safe


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