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WGST Blog Series #4: Love From a WGST Alum!

Hi HFC— Alum here! As a recent 2019 grad and WGST major, I can confidently say WGST not only enabled me to cherish my education and gain an incredible community, but is also uniquely responsible for getting me through Georgetown. WGST made Georgetown bearable, and meanwhile, gave me purpose. I truly believe that WGST changed my life. If WGST had not challenged and inspired me the way it did, I would not be where I am now — in law school! WGST taught me that we can go to protests, sit ins, and teach ins, but that our activism lies in our friendship and scholarship too. If I didn’t major in and fall in love with this program, I would not be in law school pursuing a legal career that hopefully

WGST Blog Series #3: Reflections of a Senior WGST Major

I have spent countless hours in the 3 small offices that comprise the Women’s and Gender Studies Program. They’re where I first read the life-changing words of Audre Lorde, where I brainstormed my first major organizing action on campus, where I’ve grappled with what it means to decolonize knowledge and education, and where I decompress with the honorary office dog, Jamie, in his “pups against patriarchy” sweater. Until I found WGST, I was a frustrated first-year who was unimpressed by my government major. I felt disconnected from my professors and the other students in my class, and was totally uninspired by Plato the first time I had to read him, and the second, and the third. My Intro to

WGST Blog Series #2: How Defining Queerness Taught Me That I Couldn’t

As a bright-eyed queer in an Intro to Sexuality class, I felt like I knew it all. I mean, looking at my own life, I was far past the introduction to my own sexuality, and I figured that the class was just an extension of that. I was wrong, and looking back on it, carrying with me some sort of disconcerting queer elitism. Our first assignment was to write an analytical paper with our own definition of queerness, using the readings we’d done for class so far. I’ll admit it: my paper was pretty great. I think I did a good job writing it; I received the best grade in the class. It’s undoubtedly an analysis that I should be proud of. And yet, I don’t think I’ll let anyone else read it - looking b

WGST Blog Series #1: Get With the Program!

The offerings in the Women’s and Gender Studies program are a valuable and irreplaceable element of Georgetown’s curriculum. One especially popular class, Intro to Women’s and Gender Studies, is a great example of the importance of the program. I interviewed Gina Kang, who is taking the class with Jaime Madden this semester. So far, Gina has enjoyed the way Professor Madden challenges the class to think about their preconceptions about the feminist movement and to view everything through a lens of intersectionality. The class has discussed theories of intersectionality as they apply to feminism and the way society and institutions construct the concept of gender. Gina has also noticed connec

Ask Ang 2/19: Pubic Hair

This is kind of embarrassing, but: I just started dating and I'm worried about sex. Specifically, I'm a girl, and I have hair down there. Am I supposed to shave or trim? Will guys or girls be turned off if I don't? How do you groom down there? I don't want to gross anyone out if we make it to the bedroom. This is a great question and one that lots of people wonder about! Above all else, I want to say: your body is for you and no one else. No one gets to dictate how you look, dress, or behave. And if someone is grossed out by any part of you? Leave. They don’t deserve you. That being said, what you do with your pubic hair is totally up to you! It’s completely natural and everyone has it, but

Ask Ang 2/12: Help! Things Keep Going Wrong During Sex!

I’m a newbie with sex, and as a bi woman I have sort of had sex with both guys and girls, but something has gone wrong each time. Either one of us can’t get off, I don’t know what to do with her clit/how to suck his dick, or he can’t get it in me. Welp... Sex can be a little awkward sometimes! The best way to prevent things from going wrong and making sure that all parties are enjoying themselves is constant communication and relaxing. If you’re not sure what to do to make sure your partner gets off, ask them! Chances are they’ll know what they like and what they don’t. Stop to ask them if what you’re doing feels good, or what you can do to make it feel better. Same goes for you- if they’re

Ask Ang 2/5: Disclosing Virginity

I lost my virginity recently to this guy I had been seeing for awhile, but I didn’t say that that was my first time. I know I wasn’t obligated to tell him at the time, but I realize it’s important enough for me to let him know. I don’t know how to bring it up, what should I do? First of all, it is important to understand that no one is ever required to disclose something about their sexual history that they don’t feel comfortable sharing. It might be helpful to think about why you feel the need to tell your partner. Do you feel embarrassed? Are you trying to establish more emotional intimacy with your partner? Do you feel like you need to explain yourself? Be honest with yourself, and make s


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