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Guess Who’s Coming to COCC: A Former Counsel for an Anti-LGBT Hate Group

A couple days ago, Georgetown’s Division of Student Affairs sent out an email blast listing the speakers at the upcoming 2020 Cardinal O’Connor Conference (COCC) on Life. One of those due to speak at a panel on ‘The Consistent Life Ethic & The Law’ is Catherine Glenn Foster, current head of the anti-abortion lobby group Americans United for Life, and according to her biography on the COCC website, former ‘Litigation Counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom.’ Strangely, what Foster’s biography fails to mention is that the ADF has been designated an anti-LGBT hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). Is this the kind of person that Georgetown is willing to welcome and give a platform

COCC: Harmful Messaging for an Impressionable Audience

In a few short weeks, Georgetown will host the annual Cardinal O’Connor Conference on Life. This conference, touted as the largest pro-life conference at any college in the country, will feature keynote speakers such as Sr. Bethany Madonna, who consistently express homophobic and misogynistic views. The namesake of the conference, Cardinal John O’Connor, was an extremely immoral figure in the church who, at the height of the AIDS crisis, actively worked to block AIDS prevention programs and the distribution of condoms in New York, ignoring the death and suffering in the LGBT+ community. His comments on abortion show a blatant disregard for the wellbeing of women, such as when he claimed that

Sister Bethany Madonna: Anti-LGBT, Anti-Women, Pro-COCC

​​​​​​ The 2020 Cardinal O’Connor Conference (COCC) on Life announced Sr. Bethany Madonna as one of the keynote speakers, making note of her important and admirable work with pregnant women to give them access to vital health resources and financial support both during and after pregnancy. COCC neglected to include information regarding Madonna’s anti-LGBT views and her criticisms of other women’s sexual liberation. Sr. Bethany Madonna is a member of the Sisters of Life, a pro-life order that works to “rehabilitate” pregnant women. While their work providing pregnant women with health and financial services is important, their views on abortion are abhorrant. Sr. Madonna herself described an


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