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Ask Ang 12/7: How to Have a Sex Life after a Herpes Diagnosis

I was just recently diagnosed with Herpes. I am devastated and feel like my sex life is over forever. The thought of disclosing this fact before a hookup makes my skin crawl and I need some tips on how to bring this up in a way that isn’t totally awkward but also gives whoever I am with all the right facts. First, know that there’s no one right way to have this conversation. Discussing your diagnosis is probably not going to be easy, but it’s really important to be open and honest with your partner. One thing to keep in mind when you initiate this conversation: try not to assume how your partner will react. This means not using phrases like: “I have some awful news” or “Don’t freak out, but…

Ask Ang 12/2: How to Last Longer during Sex (for Cis Men)

I'm a cis male. Tips on lasting longer? Here’s a couple different techniques you can use to delay orgasm - experiment with these and see which works best for you! 1) Masturbate before you have sex. If you ejaculate about an hour or two before sex, it will take longer for your body to orgasm again, meaning you’ll last longer in bed. 2) Distract yourself. Thinking about mundane topics (think: your multiplication tables or khaki pants) can help you last longer. 3) Use a thicker condom. Thick condoms (like these from Durex) can decrease sensation in the penis, delaying orgasm. 4) Switch up positions. Try positions where your partner is on top, and go slow to minimize simulation of the penis. 5)


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