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Ask Ang 11/25: Difficulty Reaching Climax during Oral Sex

When my partner eats me out, I have trouble reaching orgasm even though he’s open and receptive to communicating about and during it. As a cis man, he has no problem reaching orgasm during intercourse or oral and I feel like there’s an imbalance, even though he tries. I also feel like I put a lot of pressure on myself to reach orgasm through oral, and I don’t really know what else to do! First of all, you’re not alone. What you’re describing actually has a technical term: it’s called the orgasm gap, and it’s the difference between how much men and women climax. Studies have shown that around 60 percent of heterosexual women orgasm during sex, while over 80 percent of men do, no matter their

Ask Ang 11/18: Affordable Birth Control

Where is a good place to get affordable birth control without my parents knowing? The main problem you’re going to run into when it comes to getting birth control without your parents is cost. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, insurance providers cover most (if not all) of the costs of birth control, but the bills for this service will be delivered to the account holder. For many students, this is a parent. Healthcare providers are prevented by law from directly informing your parents that you’re interested in birth control, but they could potentially find out through insurance bills. Not everyone’s parents look closely at their insurance bills, so there’s always a chance you could use insu

Overcoming Barriers to Orgasm: Ask Ang 11/14

Do you have tips on overcoming mental barriers to orgasm? I have never experienced an orgasm and have experimented greatly lol. Every time I feel I am close I stop/tell my partner to stop. First of all, facing mental and/or physical barriers to orgasm is extremely common. You’re not alone in your challenges, and there are many steps you can take to work toward reaching the goal of that first big O! To start, it’s important to look at what kind of barriers you might be facing. Some of these could include body image and self-esteem issues, sex-negative feelings and beliefs, mental health illnesses, stress, and performance anxiety. If you can understand what barriers you’re facing, it may be ea

Ask Ang 11/9: Lube Allergy

I think I am allergic to water based lube/the lube you provide. What other form of lube can I use that is safe with my sex toy? This is a great question seeing as there are a variety of different types of lube, not to mention condoms and sex toys, all made with different materials. Understanding how all of them interact together and with your body can be confusing but is important for safe and enjoyable sexual experiences. To begin, H*yas for Choice distributes water based lubricant which contains 7 ingredients (listed on the back) with one in particular that could cause sensitivity issues for certain individuals. Propylene Glycol is a preservative added to some lubricants, including the wat

Ask Ang 11/4: STI Testing

How can one go about getting tested for STIs at Georgetown? Specifically, is there a way to get free STI testing? From what I've tried to look up online, it doesn't seem like the school makes getting any sort of testing especially easy. What are the different ways to go about getting this service? Georgetown Student Health Center does offer STI testing, but if your insurance doesn’t cover it, testing can be expensive. If you’ve got school health insurance, you just have to cover a $10 copay. If you don’t have Georgetown insurance, you’ll have to call your insurance provider to figure out how much it’ll cost you. According to Health Services FAQs, the baseline cost for STI screening without i


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