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HFC Launches Condom Delivery Service

Introducing H*yas for Choice's brand-new condom delivery service! Check out our new promo video here! Too lazy or too timid to grabs condoms from the H*yas for Choice table? Is your residence hall floor a condom desert with no envelope in sight? No worries! Have the H*yas for Choice Condom Fairy deliver directly to your door, no questions asked. Remember we also provide lube, internal condoms, and dental dams! Just fill out this anonymous form at Learn more about the launch of the program from The Hoya here.

No Choice for Women of Color

This Saturday, the largest student-run pro-life conference in the country, the Cardinal O’Connor Conference on Life, will be held here at Georgetown. Every single speaker at the conference is white, presumably middle class, and cisgender. In light of Trump’s global abortion gag rule, Friday’s March for Life, and the impressive intersectionality I witnessed from speakers at the Women’s March, I’ve decided to explain how low-income women and women of color specifically are harmed by anti-choice policies. Low income women are most affected by a lack of access to reproductive healthcare, and women of color are disproportionately likely to come from low-income households. According to the Nationa

A Roe Day Message from the Board

A Statement from the Executive Board of H*yas for Choice (Emily Stephens, Brinna Ludwig, Kory Stuer, Lane Easterling, and Michelle Bolt): Forty-four years ago today, the Supreme Court recognized the right to an abortion in a 7-2 majority. Even after one of the largest protests in U.S. history, significant apprehension remains about the future of access to abortion and reproductive healthcare in this country. We as a Board feel this concern. We have had friends ask about IUDs so that they are protected for the next four years; we have heard the concerns of students, faculty, and staff about the future of their health insurance; and we have seen our communities come under attack as multiple


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