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H*yas for Choice Since 1991

H*yas for Choice (HFC) is the pro-choice, sex-positive, reproductive justice organization at Georgetown University. We are an anti-racist, queer-affirming organization working to provide direct sexual and reproductive health services and improve access to resources for people of all genders on Georgetown's campus. 

Reproductive justice’ is a framework originally established by black women to address the multitude of identities and systems that intersect to influence an individual’s access to reproductive rights and healthcare, and specifically upholds the right to have children, to not have children, and to raise children in safe and healthy environments. As an organization operating under this framework, we strive to address issues of reproductive and sexual health and their intersections, including, but not limited to, race, economics, immigration, class, disability, queerness, transness, sex workers’ rights, and more. Through education, organizing, and direct service provision on Georgetown’s campus and beyond, we aim to realize this vision of reproductive justice and to continually acknowledge the structural violence that undergirds lack of access to sexual and reproductive healthcare. 

We believe that all decisions regarding sexuality should be made freely and independently. As a sex-positive organization, we regard all sexual activities between consenting adults as healthy and affirming, and uphold and celebrate all sexualities and gender identities. In addition, we believe that people deserve information and access to all available options in order to make safe, informed, independent decisions.

H*yas for Choice is the only provider of safer sex supplies, including condoms, dental dams, lube, and emergency contraception on Georgetown University’s campus – all of which are provided free of charge and without judgement – and is also the only source for comprehensive information on sexual health, pregnancy, and abortion services. For these reasons, we receive no endorsement or support from Georgetown University and the Society of Jesus, and operate as a financially independent organization that relies on donations to continue our work. While Georgetown has decided that our mission is not in line with Catholic teachings and ideology, we believe that Georgetown’s founding on the principle of cura personalis, or care for the whole person, calls for active engagement and implementation of reproductive justice and our mission.

Why the asterisk?

Due to our unrecognized status with the university for the aforementioned reasons, we are barred from using the trademarked term "hoya," despite our organization being comprised of individuals who are a part of the Georgetown community.


Our Mission

Since 1991, H*yas for Choice has been the pro-choice group at Georgetown University working to expand access to and quality of reproductive and sexual health services, serving as the sole provider of contraception on campus.  We strive to realize a vision of reproductive justice at Georgetown and beyond, engaging our community around these topics through education and organizing. We understand this work to include actively challenging oppressive systems including but not limited to: white supremacy, patriarchy, heteronormativity, capitalism, whorephobia, colonialism, transphobia, xenophobia, and ableism.


Executive Board 2019-2020


Talia Parker


Talia is a senior in the College double majoring in Women's and Gender Studies and Government. Originally from Los Angeles, Talia has been actively involved in H*yas for Choice since the moment she stepped onto Georgetown's campus and has previously served as the Director of Organizing and Director of Contraception. Talia is currently a Student Program Assistant in the Women's and Gender Studies Program office and works with Advocates for Youth through their International Youth Leadership Council. When not obsessively checking her email, Talia can be found thrift shopping or trying out a new bright eyeliner color.

Chad Gasman

Vice President

Chad is a senior in the college studying Women’s and Gender Studies and Sociology. An organizer and fierce advocate for reproductive justice at their core, they have been with H*yas for Choice since their first semester at Georgetown, serving on the advocacy team for two and a half years before joining the board. In addition to HFC, Chad is a Student Organizer with Advocates for Youth, a Resident Assistant, and a campus labor organizer. As Organizing Director, their goal is to advance the cause of reproductive justice on- and off-campus, and to bring about a more liberated Georgetown. When they’re not putting in work, Chad can be found gently patting in serum after serum, trying out incredibly weird face masks, or re-watching The Office for the dozenth time.

Chloe Kekedjian

Director of Media and Communications

Chloe is a Sophomore in the College studying chemistry. Originally from New Canaan, Connecticut, Chloe has been a part of H*yas for Choice since the fall of her first year. She previously served as one of the Campaign Coordinators for the Menstrual Equity Campaign and Director of Tabling and Contraceptives. She works in a chemistry lab on campus as well as being part of the Advocates For Youth International Leadership Council. When she’s not squealing at dogs at the farmers market, you can find Chloe convincing herself that an elaborate skincare routine makes up for a poor diet.

Christina Bi

Director of Development

Christina is a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences. She is currently double majoring in Biology and Theology, and (unfortunately) on the pre-med track. She has been involved in H*yas for Choice since her freshman fall, and served as the Director of Communications on the Board her sophomore year. In her role as Director of Development, Christina hopes to help create an environment on Georgetown's campus and beyond that grants access to and encourages the use of comprehensive health care and reproductive rights. Christina spends all of her time studying/crying for the MCAT, watching the Great British Baking Show, or devising a game plan to win Survivor.

Katarina Watson

Director of Advocacy and Organizing

Katarina is one of two organizing directors for HFC, and she truly believes that student power is the best way for student needs to be heard on campus. She is a junior in the College, studying WGST and Biology, and hopes to become a Ob/Gyn one day! HFC has completely changed her experience of Georgetown and what she truly passionate in. The work done on campus by HFC is irreplaceable, and Katarina is so excited to help advance our advocacy and organizing this semester!

Josie Mills

Director of Advocacy and Organizing

Josie is a junior in the College studying Government and Women’s and Gender Studies. Originally from Dubuque, Iowa Josie has been involved in HFC for two years and after a ~smol~ break the become #cultured she is back and is super pumped to be serving as Co-Organizing Director. Josie has been involved in several democratic political campaigns in Iowa as well as working on the Hill for Representative Abby Finkenauer. In her new position as Organizing Director, Josie hopes to continue the amazing work that HFC has done on various campaigns. While not studying or handing out condoms Josie can be found playing pickup basketball in Yates or obsessively quoting Newsroom.

Nina Yee

Director of Contraceptives and Tabling

Nina is a first-year in the college studying Biochemistry. She grew up right outside of Boston, and is excited to be in DC for the next four years. Though she just joined H*yas For Choice Advocacy Board in her first semester, she‘s ready to fight for reproductive justice at Georgetown. Besides sneakily delivering condoms, Nina can be found mastering her headstand in yoga and attaching knick knacks to earring posts. 


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