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Who We Are

H*yas for Choice (HFC) is the pro-choice, sex-positive, reproductive justice group at Georgetown University.* We are an anti-racist, queer-affirming organization working to provide sexual health options for people of all genders on Georgetown's campus.

What We Do

promoting cura personalis & striving to be h*yas for others


Contraception Distribution

condoms, dental dams, and more

Due to Georgetown University's Catholic identity, the administration refuses to allow the distribution of condoms on campus by Health Education, the Student Health Center, or any university-affiliated organization or club. Further, bound by their contract with Georgetown, private vendors are barred from selling condoms. Using donations from community partners and generous students, alumni, and parents, we are able to distribute thousands of external/internal condoms, dental dams, and sexual lubricants each year to Georgetown University students. Find us tabling in Red Square (Leavey Center, if inclement weather) Monday through Friday to pick some up! We also supply condom envelopes hanging on the doors of HFC representatives in dorms and campus housing, accessible 24/7.


Campus Programming

workshops, collaborations, and safe spaces

As Georgetown University's unrecognized reproductive justice organization we strive to provide spaces on campus where students can discuss, learn, and share ideas about all that reproductive justice entails: from sexual education to guest speakers to discussion events that challenge the often one-dimensional attitudes and actions of mainstream pro-choice spaces. Each year, we host Choice Week to highlight relevant issues surrounding reproductive justice efforts at Georgetown and around the world.



ongoing campaigns on and off campus

Both through long-term campaigns aimed at awareness-raising and policy changes on campus and by partnering with local partners to combat structural and institutional reproductive violence, our organizing model brings together protest, demonstration and thoughtful strategy to realize our vision of a community united in reproductive justice.

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